Believe in your Customer

Believe in your Customer

Believe in your Customer More Than They Believe in Themselves

Be the person that believes in your client more than they believe in themselves. Be the one that instills in them a desire to be better. Be the one that lets them know how to deliver their passion.

My client, let’s call him Bilbo, has a hobbit party planning company. He loves to plan parties and when people attend they have a crazy, Longbottom leaf smoking good time.

Bilbo loves what he does and people love Bilbo doing it.

But Bilbo doesn’t have anything to do but plan parties. And there are only so many parties that need planning.  When not planning parties, Bilbo thinks about how to make his Social Media Marketing business better.

So Bilbo believes that if he makes his website better, more people will find him. And hopefully, in finding him they can either

  1. decide they should have a party and hire him or
  2. that they have a party that needs planning and then hire him.

That’s about it. So Bilbo’s plan is at making a better, prettier website, learn more about website designing at And Bilbo has come to me to make those changes. Changes like moving the navigation bar, making a testimonials page, re-writing the about page, or changing the colour of the text. So I could make changes to his website like asked and take my payment and feed my family.

But what does that do for Bilbo?

Does doing those little website changes get him further in his party planning business? And if it doesn’t get him further he’s not gonna have money to pay me for more and more work. And he’s not gonna care enough to tell others about how cool I am. Cause really, how cool am I if I just do what he want’s me to do.

It’s Important to Care About A Clients Success

So I’m better off making Bilbo aware of what he can do, that would REALLY make a difference. I’m even better off to make him care deeply about it. And even better still would be to be the one that inspires him to want to achieve that greatness.

If you know a client needs a blog, tell them this. And refuse to help them make it happen until they are 110% committed to making it amazing.  Do not sell them on a blog because it’s “the thing to do – every business should have a blog” whether it’s a small business or a big business like Connected IT Consulting.  No – sell them on why THEIR blog can be unique and why it can be amazing.  If you don’t think they can be amazing – don’t sell them on a blog.

If you know a client should get the video done, mention it. And then don’t let them do it until you know their video is going to be fucking phenomenal.  Yes, they should have a video – but of what?  They need to figure out (and you can help them) what can really speak volumes – what can really get their point across.

Believe in your Customer

Let Me Sum Up

Do NOT take their money until you KNOW in your heart it will be money well spent.

How many clients have you encountered that simply don’t care about their business as much as they care about paying a bill?  Or worse how many seem to care more about being ‘busy’ rather than ‘effective’.

Be the person that reminds them what they started this for in the first place. Ask them the hard questions (it’s okay that they don’t answer them for six months). It’s okay that they don’t change for a year. You be the person that cares more about their own business than they do and they’ll remember you when it’s critical to do so.  They’ll remember you as the person who was there trying to open their eyes before they were.

Key for Successful Business

Your key to your own successful business is longevity. Not what is going to bring you a check tomorrow but what is going to feed your business next year and in five years and in 10 years.  What is going to ensure that you have everything taken care of that you need to?  And that isn’t taking any old job from any business.

Be the person that people think of when they think about making their business great. You can build their website – but you need to nurture their passion if you want to stick around.

By Allen
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