Making Money is the Point of Being in Business

Making Money is the Point of Being in Business

Stop lying to yourself. Making money is something you want to do.

You want to make enough to cover your bills. You want to make MORE than that! Admit it and move on.

GOOD People make money doing what they love. And they know, as a business, they need to be making money to operate.

I have a close friend – who spent 2 years on a website/product that he got into for the money. He was attracted to it because of the huge potential and opportunity he had to market it.

Soon that huge potential market fell apart before his eyes, and he stayed the course with the product.

Keep on Keeping On

So now he had this great product without the avenue to sell it to. But he persevered, he was in it for the money.

Except after a year of pushing so hard on it, and not seeing what he’d expected – he wasn’t talking about the cash anymore. Not if anyone ever asked him about the product anyway.

Now it was about the community, it was about everything he’d learned about the people. He was doing it for its people.

Making Money is the Point of Being in Business

If you’re doing something that isn’t paying those bills, eventually you need to stop doing it.

It took my friend a while before he finally pulled the plug. He did it when he absolutely HAD to, just to keep his head above water. But when he did, he felt light as a feather. His entire outlook on life changed and he was the most dedicated business person I’d ever seen.

Why? He didn’t have this thing eating at him anymore. Eating his desire to work, eating his finances – eating all of his dedication to building his own business.  He figured out The Dip.

He was back to knowing what the point was – TO MAKE MONEY!

Just Tell The Truth

Here’s the thing – if you’re doing something that isn’t making you anything yet, it’s okay to say so. It’s okay to tell me it’s not making any money yet.

It’s so much better to just tell me the truth than to lie and say it’s making you thousands. It’s so much better to tell me the truth than to stutter and skip around the subject rather than just say “It’s not making me any cash yet”.

Why is it so important to tell me that truth?

It’s not about telling ME the truth – it’s about telling yourself the truth. If you make it okay to sidestep the subject with me or to lie to me about it – then it’s okay to lie to yourself. And eventually, you’ll be telling yourself it’s not about the money, it’s about something else. And the moment THAT happens, is the moment your product definitely will NOT be making money.

Of course, the argument against me here is “do what you love to do and the money will follow.”

So long as you’re doing what you love to do, and you recognize you’re in it for the financial benefits, it will. Don’t tell yourself you’re teaching people how to Surf with your online course because you want everyone with the desire to learn to Surf to have that ability.

No – you’re teaching people how to Surf with your online course because you want to make money doing what you love, which is surfing. That’s what you’re an expert at, and that’s what you love – so why shouldn’t you get some moolah doing it?

It really IS about making money – and that’s not only OK, but it’s also REQUIRED if you want to get anywhere with your own business.

By Allen
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